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Looking to be a part of these events? Network, mingle and meet with some of the most cutting-edge LGBTQ New Media today! Call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

Debuting a new program designed for brands, advertising agencies, media planners & buyers, and anyone interested in learning about some of the latest in LGBTQ marketing opportunities from cutting-edge companies including #ILoveGay, Glitterbomb, Slay TV & Revry.TV. We'll also be including LGBTQ influencer presentations as well.

Designed as a series of fast-paced, 15-minute dynamic presentations on some of the latest trends & new opportunities in the LGBTQ media world... including new content, new talent & new capabilities for brands to consider partnering with when they are planning their strategies to reach their target LGBTQ demographic.

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Our LGBTQ+ PopUp Event Schedule

Networking receptions, panels & conferences

March 13, 2020 - NYC - Launch Party
Join us at Slate NYC for our LGBTQ+ PopUp Launch Party, 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Hors d'oeuvres and first drink on us!

Our Most Recent Past Events

This June, in conjunction with World Pride 2019, marketers and media agencies are invited to preview some of the latest in LGBTQ media, including the newest shows and returning series from some of the biggest names in the digital content business at this must-attend collection of events known as the LGBTQFronts. This event represents an opportunity for more digital content creators, advertisers, and agencies to connect, share, and create new partnerships together.

With some of the LGBTQ world's leading media companies & influencers set to present their latest content - everything from new & returning series and documentaries, to audio and podcast programs, YouTube series, cutting-edge digital program and more, including networking and cocktails. It's set to be a content extravaganza that will help you in your LGBTQ media planning for 2019! We hope to see you there!

LGBTQfronts Presentations - June 27, 2019 - 1:30 to 4:00 pm
Film Center Amphitheater at Lincoln Center, 144 West 65th Street, New York, NY

LGBTQ Influencer Presentations
LGBTQ influencers outlining their capabilities, along with details including their reach and access opportunities to their specific LGBTQ audience. They'll also be presenting on their numbers, along with their capabilities and a few past client projects.

Jeff Perla
New York, NY

The Travelin' Bum

Gabi & Shanna
Brooklyn, NY


Glitterbomb is an explosive pop-culture talk show hosted by an all gay Latinx Hollywood insider panel featuring Patrick Gomez, Alexander Rodriguez, and Enrique Sapene. Their queer Latinx perspective drizzled with wit, humor and first-hand insight into A-lister life gives Glitterbomb a festive and unique flavor that everyone can enjoy! Combining their experience in acting, radio and journalism there's no subject too hot to handle and no scandal too spicy to dig into. Join us each week for a half-hour of lively banter, celebrity guests and... a martini, of course.
  - latv.com/glitterbomb

Andy Tarradath

Slay TV


SLAY is a multi-platform media company and advertising agency specializing in the people-of-color, queer, and trans communities. As an umbrella brand, we offer a wide range of media products and compelling content across media channels as diverse as TV, mobile, digital, audio, and print, with core media offerings that appeal to a global audience. Our branded properties consist of SLAY TV, SLAY Now, SLAY Fest, and SLAY Media House.
  - SlayTV.com   |  @SlayTVnow

John T. Nash

The Focus Group


The Focus Group
The Focus Group is hosted by automotive marketing and advertising experts turned broadcast personalities Tim Bennett and John Nash. The program takes an entertaining look at the world of business, delivering smart content focused on career, work/life balance, and the consumer culture. The duo is best known for creating Subaru of America's award-winning 15-year advertising effort to the LGBT community-their efforts forever changed the way corporate leaders viewed the LGBT market, and ultimately, gay Americans.

Available as video and audio on YouTube, Facebook, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon and all popular platforms.
  - FocusGroupRadio.com   |  @FocusGroupRadio

Social Q
In 2019, brands can no longer be passive. Neither can we. Listen to the SocialQ team present on content that resonates & media that reaches beyond platforms and algorithms.
  - socialQ.us  |  @SocialQagency

Jesse Ayala
New York, NY


Elevating LGBTQ visibilty with New Media Partnerships

  1. Case Study: Authentically Us - Voices from the trangender community is an award-winning virtual reality series designed to engage policymakers on transgender equality through human stories (www.authenticallyus.com).
  2. New Media campaigns can be intimate (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) or mass consumption (projection mapping, hologram) and many more.
  3. Innovative new media projects raise brand equity and amplify messages with earned media.

Forever Dog Productions
Forever Dog is home to the future of comedy and has established itself as the go-to podcasting destination for young, ambitious, and innovative comedic content. A large part of that success can be attributed to Forever Dog's deep roots in the LGBTQ community and the proud championing of queer voices and talent. Our LGBTQ offerings include the sharpest, funniest, and most popular queer podcasts available to advertisers today, including such popular podcasts like Las Culturistas and Race Chaser. Forever Dog will talk to their entire line up and new exciting shows launching soon!
  - ForeverDogProductions.com  |  @ForeverDogTeam

Matt Skallerud

Pink Banana Media
LGBT Online Marketing & Advertising Professional

#ILoveGay Network
As social media has grown over the past 10+ years, there has been an evolution in how this technology has begun to dominate the media landscape, including the LGBTQ+ world, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn leading the way. This evolution started with influencers, and now companies large and small have become part of this social media marketing mix, leveraging Social Conversations to their business and competitive advantage.

That is #ILoveGay! #ILoveGay is fast becoming one of the dominant LGBTQ media entities on Twitter, engaging and interacting with others in a style and strategy that is similar to how LGBTQ influencers engage with their audience, while developing a performance history that puts a basic Tweet run through the #ILoveGay network on par with paid advertising on Facebook, mobile apps, banner ads on websites and e-mail campaigns.
  - www.pinkmedia.lgbt

Damian Pelliccione


Revry TV
Queer owned and operated, Revry was founded to showcase the works that our community wants to see and to highlight stories that are still being overlooked by the mainstream. They're looking to the future of queer entertainment!
  - www.Revry.TV   |  @RevryTV

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Apply to LGBTQfronts

Attention all LGBTQ media companies, content creators, podcasters, influencers and more... do you have an exciting, new offering, new angle or new aspect of your business you'd like to present? What we're looking for is something new, something different and something bold!

If you can present on how a company can partner with, advertise with or simply be a part of what your company has to offer, including specifics, let us know. We've begun the first-round process for choosing those who will be selected to present to our audience of brands, advertising agencies, media planners & buyers, and we'd love to explore having you a part of this inaugural event.

For LGBTQ influencers, we're offering 5-minute presentation opportunities, which includes a personal introduction, as well as a visual presentation outlining your capabilities (can be PowerPoint, Prezi or a video), along with details, and including your reach and access to your specific LGBTQ audience. What we're looking for here is a quick presentation that shows who you are, with some numbers, along with your capabilities and perhaps a few past client projects.

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